Institutional-grade crypto custody services for your digital assets

Get leading-edge features without compromising security or control.

Leading-edge Security for your Crypto Assets

Securely store your digital assets—in the Shillings vault. Shillings’ Institutional-grade crypto custody services, stores digital assets in our leading-edge secure vault, which is impervious and insured against theft and hacking.

Shillings assists sophisticated clients from all over the World, ranging from institutions to high net worth individuals. Our private and personal approach is underpinned by our promise to safeguard your digital assets.

Multi-sig support on 100+ digital assets

Our security is underpinned using key shards, which are distributed to multiple trusted parties. By utilising ultra-secure multi-party computation (“MPC”) technology to manage the encrypted shards, blockchain transactions can be signed securely without ever having to refer to the whole keys.

Insured against theft & hacking

Insurance is brokered and managed by Aon and unwritten by Lloyds of London. Contact us for further customised insurance packages to suit your needs to ensure further peace of mind.

Why Asset Managers Choose Shillings

We help asset managers, institutions and high net-worth individuals and investors manage their assets and investment opportunities without the burden of risk.

Trusted & Secure

Shillings is founded and managed by experts in fintech, cybersecurity and digital assets. Combining both the rigour of internal security protocols with cutting-edge technical security to give our clients peace-of-mind.

Customised Pricing

Asset managers, institutions and high net worth individuals all have different custody solution needs depending on their accessibility requirements, size of holdings and assets under custody. Shillings works with each customer to create tailored, unique price plans.


$10 million in standard custody insurance brokered and managed by Aon. Customised insurance packages to suit your needs are available for added assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shillings is an independent Australian based company that offers clients access to our secure institutional-grade offline vault.

We provide Multi-sig support on 100+ digital assets. Contact us to talk through your requirements.

We charge 1.5% per annum custody fees. Contact us for more information and we can discuss custom pricing solutions based on your needs.

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